Inspiring, happy, joyful, uplifting! Those are some words that come to mind when thinking about music. I have probably picked up by now that I am trying to be inspiring and give hope to whomever reads this. I want to inspire and help lift up those who have given up because I have been helped.


Most people don’t immediately think of music as therapeutic. However, music has been immensely therapeutic for me ever since I was a little kid. How so? well, I had a brother who was handicapped and who was very active but he could neither talk nor walk. Many times he became violent because we could not understand what he wanted. Usually the only thing that would calm him and us as a family was music. Somebody would put on some great calming music and after a while we all calmed down.

Music is not always the answer but it can be an answer. Instead of simply arguing try putting on some calming music and see what happens. It is because somehow music speaks to our emotions.

Anyways, back to my life again. I did not want to simply talk about my past but use it to write about lessons I learned and what it has done for me.


It is always important to give credit to whom credit is due. Everyone deserves to earn what they worked for. That is why I would like to talk about the friends that have influenced me in a positive way. Here are a few and somethings about them.

Jake: Jake is studying medicine in Portland, Oregon and he is incredibly smart. We go way back when we first discovered that we both liked classical music. We met at a conference for young leaders and we talked at the book table for a while. He encouraged me to listen to Beethoven more because he said: “Beethoven speaks to your soul. Most others speak with melody, harmony but Beethoven knows how to go deep into you”.  I thought that was interesting.

I have been listening to much of Beethoven’s music and it is great but it does not really speak to me as much as Tchaikovsky. For some reason I like him more.

Allen: He loves soundtracks and we met.. lets see.. well, at a shooting range. This is not exactly the place you would expect to see much less meet music enthusiasts. But yes, we were both shooting targets and I started talking to him.

He told me that he is a college student who always listens to movie soundtracks while he studies. I said: NO way! me too! I study with either classical music OR movie soundtracks. So we named a couple and he talked about the emotions that movie soundtracks provoque.

He challenged me to listen to soundtracks and write down what comes to mind or the emotions it draws out so that I could analyze them. I have done so many times and it seems to give me clarity. It helps me see my world better and slow down to appreciate it a little more.

My third friend is someone you would have never guessed would be either my friend OR a music freak. Hi name is Christian and he is a business man. He is actually the owner of I am privileged.. I know. Since he runs a limo service you can imagine that he doesn’t have much free time. He is always busy but whenever we do meet we talk about life and somehow music is always somewhere in there. Read More

Fiddler on the roof

Fiddler on the roof

This is such a great movie and combines perfect music with life. Not that this is a new movie but it was once again brought to my attention and I watched it. Emotions run high especially as I think of some of the places I have visited and enjoyed the beauty of traditions.

It is fascinating to see how love runs in the deepest parts of us and pushes us to keep going. Love always finds a way and this film shows a great combination of love and the value of traditions.

Indeed, an inspiring story to follow and one of those that although is not new, it is very valuable and inspiring. I know much about the power of traditions and how that “primitive” lifestyle was since I was part of an amish like life for a while. We built our own roofs and family would get together to help build our houses. Everything was a community effort and life was great! Obviously there are always negatives sides to every story. Talking about the best roofs and creative people I have to mention that my cousin is the best roofer around. That’s my biased opinion.

Nothing here on earth is perfect but there are glimpses of perfection in most stories and Fiddler on the Roof is certainly one of them.

I don’t know if you like musicals but I enjoy them so much that I could watch them every weekend because they are beautiful. You may ask: whats so beautiful about them? Well, I think it is a combination of art and creativity that inspires me to be better and to admire human ability.

May this inspire you to be better, to love better and to inspire greatness in others. Also, if you have not seen Fiddler on the Roof do me a favor and watch it. I posted the trailer here but you can watch it for free on youtube.



Music night

Sitting around the fire

This post will be about last weekend and our night by the fire. Since I love music this is a terrific experience that I want to share with everyone.

On thursday we decided that the weather was perfect for a campfire type of weekend. So a few couples got together on saturday night and we went out to a big park/forest and took some wood with us, hammocks, a guitar, beer and food. It was amazing!

When we got there around 6pm on Saturday we took all the wood out of the car and started a nice fire. There were some mosquitos but not too many and there were loads of other critters and birds but they just add to the fun.

One of my friends brought his guitar and we sang some amazing oldies which made it so much fun. Drinking beer and singing oldies, telling stories and just forgetting about the world around us for a moment. It was an incredible night.

Then at 10 we had some snacks, more beer and we had to go into the woods to find more wood. Luckily we had brought plenty of flashlights so we could all go in different directions and get plenty more wood.

Some of us lay in hammocks and other in camper chairs. Those are comfortable! But I have to admit, since I grew up on a farm, I always prefer the Hammocks. I like swinging off the ground and a hammock is INSANELY relaxing.

Ohh and we also got to smoke some cigars! I don’t know about you but I sure enjoy something like that immensely. They say that you will never be happy with money or things and that is why I invest in making memories. Singing is one of those things that simply takes you to an alternate world… OR it can boost your energy and make you new from the inside out.

Like my friend always says: Music is where it’s at! Can’t live without music. At least I can’t. We need melodies and friends to go through life. Don’t go alone! Life is beautiful and it can be fun if you let it. Don’t walk by yourself because it can get very hard, depressing and if you don’t have others around to support you you might crumble under the weight.

Piano lessons

Hey again,

its the weekend and I am excited to talk about something I am passionate about. The reason for the title is because I will talk about my piano lessons and what I learned from them.

My parents send me to private lessons since I was 8 years old. I learned really fast but got bored really fast too.

I stopped taking lessons after that one year but I spent the next couple of years regretting it. After I turned 14 my parents decided that if I really wanted to than I could take lessons again. I did take lessons and picked it up really fast again. I practiced for at least 30min every day to get my muscles used to the piano. Michele McLaughlin piano Here is a piece I performed back than but this is not done by me. This is the original by Michele McLaughlin. I am still impressed about my performance. Now, I don’t like patting myself on the shoulder and telling everyone how great I am.. far from it. I will get to the reason later on.

IF you listen to piano music or even play it then you will know how majestic it is. Everything about it is amazing! The emotions it provokes are surreal. Piano music makes me become quiet and pensative. I like to reflect while listening to piano music.

Playing music gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Playing an instrument brings with it a sense of stability, tranquility and understanding.


Now, to the reason why I talked about how great and fast I was at learning the piano is to make an example out of me. I am not good at playing the piano. In fact, believe it or not I stopped taking lessons after I turned 16 and have not returned since. How disappointing! You are correct in saying that.

The whole reason why I am so adamant about the piano is because I feel like I failed. I did not pull through and became the musician I could have been or maybe should have been. I don’t want to see other people lose that dream of becoming what you always wanted to be. My my life be a lesson of someone not to follow. I could have continued with my piano lessons and practices FOR FREE! Now that I don’t live at home nobody will pay for them except me and life becomes busier as you grow up.

Don’t give up:

This is for those who like me have failed.. probably not as miserably as me. If you read this you are still alive which means it is not to late to start. Each day we have a new opportunity to make a fresh start. Each morning is there to tell us that we got a clean slate and we may write on it whatever we wish! This is incredible!

Many of us focus on the things we lost or didn’t do when we were young (I am still young though) but we can still do something about that. NEVER ever give up!

IF you have given up or think you can’t start over, go to someone who will put YOUR dreams back into your heart. Find people who will encourage you in the right direction. Surround yourself with friends who genuinely love you for who you are underneath all layers and who want to make you better.

I have much more to say to encourage you but I will wait and write more posts soon. IF you want to contact me please write me. Click here to see my contact page.

Good morning!

Good morning from this side of the screen and welcome to my blog. It is raining very heavily right now and I am sitting on a couch in the library. what BETTER day than this to drink some hot coffee and listen to classical music. It makes my soul very happy. Although I love classical music it is not the only kind I will talk about. First of I want to give a disclaimer. If you have no love for classical music I am not sure you will like this blog. You may want to consider finding something that fits your lower quality tastes.  Did I really write that? I guess so. Many people don’t know the full measure of beauty because they can’t enjoy clasical music. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live in an old moldy house full of junk with classical music blaring out of ancient speakers played by vinyl records.

I have to say, however, that clasical music goes way deeper than superficial emotions. It goes deeper than most romantic music can go because it touches the soul, the deepest part of us.

Romantic music:

I love romantic music, what better than some romantic music or how about latino music (yes, I am latino). For me, the best music is in spanish.. I guess I am just biased because that is my soul’s language.  The purpose of romantic music is to touch the emotions… thats it! Maybe I am missing it but honestly thats all it does. And you know what, I am fine with that, because that is what it does, the purpose is to bring the listener to feel something specific. Usually that something is sadness because the girl left or the guy can’t get her.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that because romantic music only touches emotions it isn’t worth listening to or it is not high quality. Much credit to the opposite. Romance is GREAT! Romantic music makes me be melancholic sometimes and I love it… some of the time.

As I said in the beginning, I am a bit biased towards classical music for a couple reasons. Firstly, because my piano teachers were diehard into classical. Second, that is the first of two genres I can listen to when I study. It stimulates the mind, it stimulates the body. I believe it even stimulates the cells in our body. I will go more into why in later blogs but keep that in the back of your mind for now. Classical music is good for the body.


Since I am a student and have to sit in the library for long periods of time I usually have my headphones in and I listen to music. Classical music stimulates the mind; it makes me wanna study and focus. It has the power to capture the mind, to bring it into focus. The change the course of action one is taking and shift it. Classical music is extremely powerful although sweet to the ears. I was captured by it a couple of years ago when I started to listen to it while studying. I had never done so before because I thought it was boring. Moreover, when my parents sent me to take piano lessons and I had to play classical music I could never understand why in the world people like such boring music.

I have long and extensively repented since. As you can see I am a different man now. A new me. One that LOVES classical music. I love enjoying nature, and the natural beauty of the universe. I am realizing that music plays a HUGE part in life and that I need to slow down to appreciate it.

thanks for reading and I will “see” you tomorrow. Hope you enjoy what you read. To visit my home page click here.